10 Digital Marketing Tools We Love


The Digital Marketing industry thrives on automating processes that were once manual (Do you remember writing your schedules in your little black diary like Mad Men? Yeah, us neither!). Naturally, we gravitate towards tools and software that makes our lives easier.

In this article we share the top tools that we find useful in our everyday lives as Digital Marketers.

1.       Google Trends

Do you want to make an infographic analysing whether Kanye West or Kim Kardashian is more popular? Or whether Kim Kardashian really did break the Internet? Google Trends provides all the data you need, and more.

(Spoiler: Kim gets more web traffic than Kanye. And no, she didn’t actually break the Internet.)


    2.       Bing’s In Market Customer Support

Bing not only provides an excellent search engine – They show love, the world needs more love! Especially when you are in the process of taking multiple campaigns to market and need a little support. Bing’s customer support makes our lives a whole lot easier.

3.       Hootsuite

Who's really gonna’ post social updates one at a time, in real-time?

Hootsuite is a social media management system developed in 2008. The dashboard allows you to schedule posts across all social channels from one place, monitor conversions and account activity as well as provide in depth analytics reports to optimise your accounts.


      4.       SEO Toolsets


Here are some great SEO tools that we use to help our clients top the organic search results. SEO optimisation is something that often takes quite a bit of time - with the help of these three tools, conquering search engine results organically becomes so much easier.

Moz – Dominate inbound marketing.

Advanced Webranking – Audit your account and develop data-driven insights on all your SEO benefits.

WebCEO – Perform keyword research for your account, competitor research and rank tracking all in one place.

5.       Open SEO Stats – Web browser toolbar plugin


Instantly access the most important SEO stats from your web browser from just a click of a button. Open SEO Stats provides traffic ranking data, back links, indexed pages, social information and WhoIS hosting data all in one place.

6.       Trello


Trello is a flexible and visual way to organise ideas. It’s a great way to brainstorm and perform strategy sessions. If you’re someone that prefers to visualise an idea this tool is the perfect solution.

7.       Ghostery


Ghostery shows you the invisible side of the web – Do you want to verify that your conversion pixels are on the correct pages of your website? Ensure that AdRoll has been setup? Simply download Ghostery and get all the information you need to debug those damn tags!

8.       Google Analytics


What's really going on with your website? Develop key insights and reports based on your website data – Traffic stats, remarketing, segmentation, demographics, traffic sources and more.

9.      UltraEdit

A nuts and bolts text editor that can process and manipulate volumes of text data, keep track of meeting notes and day to day account details. Because Excel and Word are just plain clunky.

10.   Social Mention


Track social chatter about a particular brand, product, or campaign. Generate ‘real-time’ buzz of trending topics.