Its that time of year again. Dust off those old Christmas campaigns, and don't forget all the digital developments of 2016 this Christmas.

1) AdWords Price Extensions

Why not show off your holiday pricing with this little known ad extension and stand out from your competitors.

2) Christmas Keywords

While keywords like "Christmas gift" may be expensive and competitive, combining them with demographics or product offerings may be very useful e.g. "Christmas present male 30 years old", "travel Christmas present" or "beauty present".

3) Updating Display Ads and website with a Christmas message.

Don't have the resources? You'll be surprised how cheaply a site like 99designs.com can build you some web assets.

4) Ramping up before the 18th.

Countless studies show eCommerce shoppers in particular will be very conscious of shipping dates and not be so keen to order shipped items less than one week before Xmas.

5) Google Site links with Xmas offer.

Don't waste the opportunity to take more search engine real estate off your competitors and direct people to Christmas Sale pages.

6) Front loading budget to the best part of the month

Make sure you combine both Google trends data and your own GA data to assess when conversion rates spike and plateau, to flight digital budget perfectly.

7) Learning from Last year

Everything from champion ad copy to negative keyword and site harvests. Don't pass on the opportunity to mine last years data to make this years campaign fire. You only get one chance a year!

8) Offline Sales and Online Sales are JUST SALES

No silos here. People's smart phones are essentially like shop assistants in store these days. Stores are even more packed during holiday periods meaning this phenomenon just intensifies. Make sure your digital coverage facilitates all parts of the purchase funnel. Make sure you enable all cross device metrics possible, including "all conversions" in AdWords.

9) Ramping up mobile

- for when people are out and about, especially in countries where Christmas is in summer months. We're not asking you to geek out and write a Script that changes max bids and device bid multipliers according to rain or heat (or are we?).

10) Gmail Ads

Why not serve ads to people who have mentioned a particular present or wish list in their Gmail email over the last 30 days?

11) Remarketing is Key

Xmas brings about more research and more conversion. No other period is so important to get back in front of consumers with the right Xmas based remarketing message. You may even increase your targeting frequency to something more aggressive like 3 per user per day.

12) Boost Reporting Frequency

Throw out that monthly reporting. Your most important conversion period of the year deserves weekly deep dive reporting to respond to competitor’s moves.

13) Anticipate Staff Intensity

Many organisations receive far more leave requests in the weeks leading up to Christmas, especially in the countries where it's hotter. Ensure staff coverage so you don't take your foot off the pedal on your digital marketing efforts in this pivotal period.

14) Boost Responsiveness on the CRM side of Social Media

The Christmas period will result in shorter research periods and quicker consumer decisions. Your Facebook page in particular may become a destination for many pre sales questions, and a failure to answer quickly may just be a flick pass to your more Nimbull competitors (see what i did there? hehe). This is very important in the popular consumer electronics category, where pre purchase questions are commonplace.

15) Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

There's never a better time to show off positive reviews than Christmas, where a quick 5 star review could be all that's needed to get a perspective buyer to pull the trigger. AdWords review extensions, as well as attracting reviews on "Google My Business" pages and Facebook pages are key here.

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