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What Brandscreen Gains From the Zenovia Deal

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Zenovia has acquired Brandscreen, and with it keeps the DSP/DMP space a step further away from a consolidating oligopoly.

Brandscreen can remain a DSP leader in APAC, where it has more experience than TURN, MediaMath etc

The official release on the Brandscreen/Zenovia deal can be found here

So why is this good news for Brandscreen, and Agencies who power their trading desks using it?

Stability and Resources

The amount of resource needed to operate a DSP at scale globally is huge. Think of billions of impressions all needing a real time decision. The processing power is immense. With both companies involved, there is more capital to ensure longevity. 

Viewable Impressions

Brandscreen will now be able to see if an ad was actually seen (vs just served). This cool feature from Zenovia helps us get closer to the true value an impression can bring. 

Global Reach and Scale

Using Zenovia, Brandscreen will be able to have reach beyond APAC. It will likely start with the US and scale from there.

Fraud Filtered

One of Zenovia's core strengths is its ability to remove fraudulent clicks and duplication. Their website describes them as "The preferred technology platform for advertisers to access viewable, clean media from the world’s best publishers". This will be a great gain for Brandscreen once it makes it into the feature-set.


The DSP space is similar to an arms race of gaining features and functionality to attract the hottest advertisers and agencies. Video, data aggregation, mobile and segmentation are all differentiating features across programmatic buying products, and are tweaked and released daily.