Top Retweets of #CES2017 So Far!

Everybody knows the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the first week of every year is the best cheat sheet you'll ever get for the hottest Tech trends on the horizon. Given the type of crowd walking around CES Las Vegas 2017, activity on Twitter is an excellent predictor of what the masses are getting excited about. With Day 2 kicking off, here's what's hot so far. 

The most retweeted tweets containing #CES2017


  1. The most important upgrade out of #CES2017 . #SpiderManHomecoming
  2. Nerf this! Amazing D.Va @PlayOverwatch custom rig at the @CORSAIR #CES2017 booth!
  3. Retweet for your chance to win a pack of 5 Sharetapes! Share mixtapes IRL with with NFC enabled Sharetapes! #CES2017
  4. Welcome to #MBCES! The Electric Intelligence Concept Car, the next step for electric drive technology. Making an appearance at #CES2017.
  5. Experience the full gameplay trailer from tonight's @nvidia #CES2017 keynote: …
  6. I'm sorry @PanasonicUSA did you say disappearing clear TV? Wait for it... wait for it... #CES2017
  7. The future of driving is autonomous. @BMW and Intel partner to create the car of tomorrow. #CES2017
  8. Because the world needs more film. #EktachromeIsBack #CES2017 #KodakCES2017
  9. This is @Razer's new triple-display gaming laptop, Project Valerie. More details here: … #CES2017
  10. Didn't exist in 2006: iPhone iPad Kindle 4G Uber Airbnb Android Oculus Spotify Nest Stripe Square Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp #CES2017


Here's a closer look at what general themes are exciting the masses


  1. Celebrity Endorsements

I guess the star appeal of a Hollywood celebrity can overpower even the shiniest new tech toy. Spider-Man Homecoming, Presented by Marvel Studios. 


2. Advanced Gaming

Full Game-play Trailer by Mass Effect. High quality graphics! Experience the effects at #CES2017

3. Intelligent Cars

Electric Intelligence Concept Cars by Mercedes Benz, the next step for electric drive technology.

4. HD TV with a Twist

High Resolution Clear TV!

5. New Form Gaming Displays

The evolution of PC gaming continues. Razor has new gaming laptops with triple display. Experience the Razer's gaming abilities at #CES2017