Search Engine Marketing - PPC / Google Adwords / Google Shopping / Bing Ads

The darling of the digital marketing world, "Paid Search" is on most occasions the must have channel for brand and direct response advertisers alike. It involves managing a portfolio of thousands of keywords that when entered into a search engine, will display ads in premium positions on the page.



Improving Adwords Results Consistently Over Long Periods

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Goal: Connect active home loan seekers with Loan Market brokers. 

Channel: Google Adwords.

Results: By pursuing an aggressive testing & optimisation schedule across all Adwords features, Loan Market & Nimbull were able to reduce Cost Per Lead every month since the start of the year.

“Our partnership with Nimbull has built a solid flow of quality leads to
the business” ~ Jason Furnell, Chief Digital Officer, Loan Market


Winning at paid search is achieved by a constant process of refinement of all analytical and marketing aspects of the campaign. Nimbull will collaborate with you on your goals, and translate them into a “Return on Advertising Spend” equation (ROAS). That way, you can actually measure how many dollars you are making for every dollar you invest in Paid Search.  

Nimbull staff have spent the last 15 years working with products like Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Ads. Their knowledge of these products is so intimate they have actually spent years in Silicon Valley working with the Search Engines themselves, helping shape the feature set.

Nimbull has a full service approach to Paid Search Marketing. We take on our client accounts and run every aspect of campaign management, fuelled by solid analytics and reporting. Our clients often enjoy double digit improvement in all key metrics within a month of moving from their incumbent agency. Ask Nimbull for a Paid Search testimonial, case study or free strategy session today.